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Welcome to Land O Lace!

We currently dye two color lines – Just Abouts™ and Variegated. 

They are all named after cities in our much beloved home state of MN.

Just Abouts™ are our line of near solids.  Due to our dye process – we produce colors that are just about solids – there will be some tone on tone variations in the skein.  Some colors show this variation more than others.  It is more noticeable on fingering yarn pictures than on lace yarns – but that is an issue of mass – the variations are still there on lace yarns – you just have to look more closely as the yarns are so fine.  We believe the colors we produce have more 'depth' and create a fabric with more interest (especially in lace) than flat, vat dyed colors.


left to right: Milaca, Tonka Bay, Royalton

Variegated Yarns are just that – 2 or more different colors in a skein.  Our method of processing these dyed skeins is unique and quite labor intensive.  We were unsatisfied with much of what we were buying to knit with ourselves.  We call them the ‘big blob’ skeins that knit up with large color pools.  Can you imagine they write books on how to make these colors more palatable?  We thought – why not change the product?  Thus we set out to come up with a process that had more subtle color changes and would avoid the ‘big blob’ problem.  We hope you agree with us that we have succeeded.  Yarns knit in variegated colorways have virtually no pooling and instead show a harmonious blend of the colors. 

NEW Variegated COLORS 
left to right: Comfrey, Halma, Rainer . All colors shown on Krissy yarn.

Argyle on ShaSha yarn. Frazee on Steffi yarn (fingering weight only)


View ALL COLORS of our yarns here, including news of recently released shades.  
Or browse our yarn types in the left navigation menu, colors are shown on every yarn page.

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picture gallery of some items made up in our yarns.

And click here to view ALL OF OUR COLORS on one page.

Thanks to Clara of for a great review of our yarn Lou Lou!



Most yarns are dyed on as "as ordered" basis.
We have some colors in stock, but please note that your order will be shipped
within 5 to 7 days based on our stock levels in that yarn and color.


Our Promise to You:
We sell only what we use, and can thus speak from experience about our yarns.  We aim to bring you defect free products at a fair price.  We are absolutely fanatics when it comes to knots – and will eliminate any skeins we find with them.  Sometimes, being human, we miss one.  Please tell us if you find one and cannot live with it, and we will make it right.



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