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FAQ, Newsletter, Frequent Buyer

We are pleased to announce the kickoff of our loyalty program "Rewards For You".
A way to save on frequent purchases of Land O Lace yarn.
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Our Promise to You:
We sell only what we use, and can thus speak from experience about our yarns.  We aim to bring you defect free products at a fair price.  We are absolutely fanatics when it comes to knots – and will eliminate any skeins we find with them.  Sometimes, being human, we miss one.  Please tell us if you find one and cannot live with it, and we will make it right.

How do I order yarn?
Click on a yarn name in the left navigation area.
You will then see a description of the yarn, below that section are the color categories.  Each yarn type is available in Just About colors and Variegated colors.

How large are the skeins?
We have 600 yard and 1200 yard skeins.  Depending on the yarn type, they range from 1.25 oz to 4.25 oz per skein.

Can I link to your website?
Please do!  If you have a blog and want to write about our yarns, you can use our photos but PLEASE save them to your computer first and create a link to the shop.

All photos are copyright Land O Lace.  Photos by Tom Hafner Photography.

All information gathered on this website is to process a yarn order for you!  We do not sell customer information of any kind.


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