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Frassie and Norie : cobweb

We are very pleased to offer at this time, our first two cobweb weight yarns. These are very fine, almost threadlike yarns, suitable for any project calling for cobweb weights.

Both are available in 900 yard skeins,
in our Just About colors or Natural.

The silk in these yarns lends a nice sheen and drape, the cashmere a lovely soft halo and hand, and the merino, among other things, helps with slowing down the rate of run with dropped sts and provides "good behavior" on the needles. See the pictures of swatches knit with these yarns to get an idea of what they look like worked up.

Frassie is a 2/56
35% extra fine Merino, 35% Cashmere, and 30% Silk
Named after another niece who fits this yarn perfectly down to earth sensible (merino), always hip to the latest fashions (silk) and just down right cuddly cute (cashmere).
This yarn has 867.8 yds/oz or 30.6 yds/g
900 yds is thus 1.04 oz or 29.4 g

Norie is a 2/60
60% extra fine Merino, 30% Silk and 10% Cashmere
Named for a niece who is worker extraordinaire at the Land O Lace dye pots, and a perfectionist in all she does we think this yarn fits her totally a beautiful, perfect blend of 3 lovely fibers.
This yarn has 929.8 yds/oz or 32 yds/g
900 yds is thus 1 oz or 27.4 g

Frassie and Norie are suitable for use with needle sizes ranging from US 000 to 1s, depending on the look you are striving for.

Note: some RED colors may dye up a bit different on these
cobweb yarns, a bit more pale but just as gorgeous.

Small, 50 yard balls are available for $4.00 if you want to play with one a bit before making your decision.

Dyeing these fine yarns takes a bit extra time as we must work very slowly with them. Please allow the full 5-7 days for your order to be processed, however we will do everything we can to move orders out as fast as possible. After dyeing, only those skeins that really need to be, will be reskeined. If you have worked with these fine yarns, you know that the less they are handled the better so as to avoid any knots or breakage.

Click the links or photos below to order!
 Frassie 2/56 cobweb yarn : 900 yard skein 
 Frassie 2/56 cobweb yarn : 900 yard skein 
 Norie 2/60 cobweb yarn : 900 yard skein 
 Norie 2/60 cobweb yarn : 900 yard skein 
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